Syllabus and Gradings


The Shikukai Syllabus.

Shikukai Chelmsford operates all gradings using the Shikukai syllabus which has grades available from 9th Kyu to 5th Dan.

The syllabus follows pure Wado Ryu principles and is unique in it’s clarity and cohesiveness. It was carefully and thoughtfully designed by Sugasawa Sensei as chief instructor of Shikukai Karate-Do International. Sugasawa Sensei based this syllabus on the teachings of his own teacher Ohtsuka Hironori and has been a work in progress since his arrival in the UK in the late 1970’s. The version we have now came into existence with the foundation of Shikukai as an independent organisation.

Over the last ten years the syllabus has been refined and adjusted, and the latest version (2016) is designed to include a junior syllabus for students under 16.

The syllabus follows the established canon of Wado Ryu techniques, but also contains paired kumite unique to Shikukai, including the 10 canonical Kihon Gumite and 12 Kumite Gata.

Syllabus books are available from your Dojo instructor.


Grading examinations are usually conducted in the Chelmsford area. Our main examiner is Sugasawa Sensei, but occasional gradings are taken by Tim Shaw Sensei.

At Shikukai Chelmsford we try to hold gradings every four months. Please keep a close eye on the calendar.

Students must have an up to date licence (it is the student’s responsibility to keep their licence in date) and a Shikukai badge on their Keikogi.

The minimum time between gradings is:
Beginner to 10th Kyu 2 months.
Between 9th Kyu and 8th Kyu 3 months.
The same time between all grades up to 4th Kyu.
The gap between each of the Kyu grades above 4th Kyu is 6 months.
For 1st Dan students must have held 1st Kyu for at least 12 months.
For Dan grades above 1st Dan the time gap expands.