All Shikukai events are on the Associations main website.
Regular Dojo Training is every Thursday at 7.30 to 9pm, Woodham Walter Primary School
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Feb 12-13th 2022
Shikukai Winter Course

Held by Shouwa Jyuku at Danbury Sports Centre.
Details here

Previous Events

26th July – Flow practice (Session 1) – Led session.
Build up some concentrated ‘flight time’

Open to Shikukai Members and Invited Guests

Spend 2 hours really connecting yourself to your opponents energy.

We will alternate between our ‘Ohyo Henka Dosa’ (OHD) Flow practice and various practices in our syllabus. 5 mins on each. One will feed the other.

Objective – To develop center, energy, connection, flow and sensitivity whilst steadily building towards real fighting utilising the Wado techniques and application you are trying to master.

Prerequisites – You need to be familiar with OHD and your kata and pairs. This session is not for learning but concentrated practice. Don’t worry we will stick clear instructions around the room and a do quick recaps as we go.

Lesson details – Led by Steve Thain.
Get in, get warmed up as we want to get started asap to maximise our time. Partner up, start at stage one and build up. After 5 minutes we will change to working on any pairwork or kata that will best help you connect better to your OHD practice. One should feed the other.

To Book – Mark the Facebook event as coming and pay the £ 10 fee though the Paypal link.