Our approach to training juniors…

Dear Parent,

IMG_0243There are hundreds of clubs for children teaching martial arts.  And most, understandably, offer fast promotion and many incentives along the way.

Let’s be honest.  Good technique is hard to achieve.  Our syllabus is challenging; especially for juniors.  Therefore promotion is deliberately slow and steady in comparison to promotion offered by other organisations.

We accept this. We have no intentions of lowering our standards, but we know this might mean classes will be small (which can be advantageous).  We don’t chase competition trophies or measure our success by the number of black belts.

We measure our success by the simple fact we can travel anywhere in the country or even world and our grade means something.

What we can promise is this… If you or your child achieves a belt with us they will be trained to a very high standard.  Later in life if they choose to continue their training they will be very grateful for this and value it.

We can also promise that your child will be trained by very experienced instructors.  These instructors will be supported by other instructors and more senior students along the way.  And they will be part of an organisation they can be proud of.

Everything else is up to them.


Tim Shaw Sensei

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